Weekly Meal Plan and Fitness Update

As another week approaches, another meal plan is created!  I feel that I have hit a plateau with my weight loss, yet I haven't reached my goal weight or inches lost.  Another confession, I've fallen off of the bandwagon a bit.  I was doing so great until my husband and I went away for a long weekend.  While away, I missed my workouts.  I didn't eat terrible, and I drank my shake each day, but I did have small cheats each day too.  Once we came home, both of my daughters got colds and I was up for several nights in a row dealing with croup coughing and runny noses!  Now that everything seems to be fine with the family, I feel exhausted.  I have at least been setting my alarm for my normal 5:15am wake up, but I've been turning it off once I hear it in the morning!  I keep thinking that I will have some time when my daughters take their afternoon naps.  Problem is, when nap time comes, there are so many other things that I need to do that my workouts end up slacking, and then I end up wishing that I would have just gotten up early.  This process has been going on for about a week and a half now.  I mean, I drink my Shakeology every day, sometimes two times a day, and I'm still getting my workouts in, I just feel like my motivation and will power have been suffering. Has this ever happened to you?  I can honestly say that this is a first for me since I've started with my clean eating lifestyle change several months ago.  When I sat down and really thought about how the past week has been going for me, I realized that although I have my meal plan ready to go, changes in my schedule caused me to make different, and in some cases, bad choices.  One of the biggest things I've realized; however, is that I'M CREATING EXCUSES!  I'm letting this happen! 

So, as a result, I'm getting my butt back on track!  I have decided to do a 3 day Shakeology Cleanse.  I did one of these in July and lost 5 pounds in 3 days!  And no, I didn't gain the weight back once the cleanse was over!  As I go through this next cleanse, I will be blogging about it so that you can see how it works, and hey, maybe you'd be interested too!  It's a natural detox and is a great way to cleanse your body.  In the meantime, to get an idea of what it involves, check out my Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday meal plan.  Those are the three days of my Shakeology Cleanse. 

I'm also trying out a new recipe this week!  On Thursday I am making balsamic marinated pork chops!  I found the recipe over the weekend and can't wait to give it a try! I will keep you updated on both the recipe and how my family likes it. 

So, to prepare for the week, I am going to be washing and cutting up all of my fruits and veggies, as well as grilling some chicken and portioning out some of my snacks.

Another exciting change happening this week is I'm beginning Focus T25!  I completed my 90 days of Turbo Fire and loved it!  I have to say though, after 90 days, I NEED A CHANGE!  I think the best part for me is that all of the workouts are 25 minutes long!  I'm super excited about giving this workout a try and can't wait to see the results!  I must admit though, I am a little nervous as I've heard how crazy this workout is! 
My Workout Schedule this week:
Monday: Cardio
Tuesday: Speed 1.0
Wednesday: Total Body Circuit
Thursday: Ab Intervals
Friday: Cardio
Saturday: Lower Focus
Sunday: Stretch

So there you have it!  I could easily stay in this rut and continue to give less than 100 percent with my workouts, and I could easily continue to get off track with my meal plan; but, I'M NOT! No more excuses! I'm learning from this experience and going back in full force!  I've felt like "blah" all week!  This is what happens when a clean eating momma gets off track and I don't want to continue feeling this way!  I have my ending goal in sight and am so close to meeting it!  With hard work and determination, I know I can make it happen! 

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Have a great Sunday!

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