Give and Receive November Promotion

Beachbody has outdone themselves with this one!  With it being November, many people talk about what they are thankful for.  Overall, it is a thankful and giving time.  As a result, Beachbody is offering a "Give and Receive" incentive that you won't want to pass up.
This month, Beachbody will be working with the nonprofit organization Feeding America.
According to CEO Carol Daikeler, here is how it works:
"Give": For every Shakeology Home Direct ordered that is placed, Beachbody is going to give  $10 to Feeding America.  In addition, for every Challenge Pack purchase, Beachbody will give $20 to Feeding America.
There is no limit to the amount that Beachbody will donate.  They have promised a minimum of $250,000 with a goal of $500,000.
And by the way, each $1 contributed will pay to distribute 9 meals to the needy - including kids and the elderly.  So, every Shakeology Home Direct order purchased will provide 90 meals, and every Challenge Pack purchase will provide 180 meals! 
What's in it for you, besides the feel good of giving?
"Receive":  New and existing Customers and potential new Coaches who buy ANY Challenge Pack in the month of November will receive a $20 coupon to apply to a future Beachbody purchase!  There are a variety of fitness programs, supplements, and even gear that you could get for a very low price, if not for free!   
Even better..
I have decided to match Beachbody's offer!  If you purchase ANY Challenge Pack, you will not only get a $20 coupon from Beachbody, but you will also get $20 IN CASH from me!  In addition, you will get first dibs on an exclusive spot in my November Holiday Survival Group!
Beachbody's offer, combined with my offer, is a deal that you won't get beyond the month of November!  Being able to begin your health and fitness journey knowing that you are also helping to feed those in need is priceless.
Message or email me to get more details on this offer, or to make a purchase!

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