Weekly Meal Plan and T25 Progress Update

As another week approaches, I have my meal plan sitting on my counter ready to go.  I am trying two new recipes this week. I made some homemade Peanut Butter Cookie Lara Bars yesterday, and on Wednesday I am trying some Southwestern Tilapia.  A goal of mine is to try at least on new recipe each week.  That is why meal planning is so important.  I know some people think I'm crazy when they see how planned out my weeks are as far as food, but it saves me so much time throughout the week when I do this!  I don't have to worry about standing in front of the open pantry or refrigerator wondering what it is I want to eat.  That is when you make those bad choices!  For me, I prepare and portion all of my snacks, clean my fruit, cup up my veggies, and have everything at eye level in the refrigerator and/or pantry.  Why?  Well because things at eye level are more than likely to be "grabbed" when you are hungry and in a rush to eat.  Another reason why is because even though I eat as clean as I can, there are still food choices in my house that I know I shouldn't eat.  They aren't terrible, just some snacks for the girls and of course, a bag of chips and some ice cream for my husband.  Although I am still working on my willpower, I feel like I'm getting pretty good at blocking those choices out. 

So, here is my meal plan for the week!  At no point throughout the week will I be guessing on what I want to snack on, or what I want to make for dinner.  EVERYONE eats the same dinner at my house.  I started planning out my meals last June.  It took me a little longer at first (maybe 45 minutes); however, now that I have a collection of recipes and snacks that I like to eat, the process only takes about 15 to 20 minutes each week.  I'm a creature of habit and do like to eat similar things each day, plus, it saves me some money because I can buy in bulk. 
That is actually a question that I get quite frequently..."Isn't it expensive to eat that way?" My answer, NO!  In fact, we have saved money on our weekly groceries!  I'm not buying a lot of processed food and I'm flavoring my dinners with herbs and spices.  In addition, I'm pre-portioning out my snacks, so, a bag of almonds actually lasts me quite a while now!


As for the best part of my meal plan, Shakeology of course!  I love that I have a meal that is not only delicious, but that is quick to make, healthy to drink, and gives me my energy and curbed cravings that I need throughout the day.  A recent survey has been released about Shakeology.  This shows just how effective Shakeology is.  It is not filled with hidden ingredients and additives.  It is an all natural shake that you can consciously drink, knowing that it is providing you with your daily dose of nutrients. 


Many people hesitate to try Shakeology because they don't want to invest in a month supply, even though there is a money back guarantee.  So, I decided to purchase a box of individual packets to sell for people who maybe just want to give it a try for a few days.  There is also a GREAT 3 Day Shakeology Cleanse if you are looking to lose weight quickly but in a healthy way.  I'm thinking of doing another 3 Day Cleanse next week so if you are interested and want to give it a try with me, message or email me!

Ok on to my T25 update.  So, I absolutely LOVE T25!  I always says this, but the best part is that it is only 25 minutes and still a great workout!  It totally takes away the excuse of not having time to workout.  Surely anyone can spare 25 minutes.  The big question I get, is it REALLY 25 minutes on the dot??  The answer is, YES!  No more and no less than 25 minutes!  You could easily record your favorite TV show while you work out and then watch it as soon as your done!  You could even get up 25 minutes earlier to squeeze in your workout so you don't have to worry about it the rest of the day.  There are so many options of where and when you could give 25 minutes to Shaun T each day; however, it's all in how bad you want it.  If you turn your head at the thought of waking up earlier or maybe cutting out a little TV time in the evenings, then it's simple, you just aren't ready.  The only catch....don't complain about your weight or how you look. 

Last week I started into the second 30 day cycle called the Beta Phase.  I was pleasantly surprised with how Shaun T kicks it up a notch in this phase.  I was burning more calories and was ready for the intensity, because I had progressively gone though the Alpha Phase.  I feel that this workout can meet a wide range of ability levels.  There is modifier in every workout, so if there is an exercise that can not keep up with, then all you do is take it down a notch and follow the modifier. 
Overall, things are going pretty well here.  My big goal is to consistently stick with my healthy lifestyle so that I don't over indulge throughout the holiday season, which is so easy to do!  If motivation, support, and accountability are something that you need to help you get through the holiday season, contact me about joining my Holiday Survival Guide Group beginning Monday, November 18, 2013.  Don't think that you won't be able to enjoy the holidays.  I will help you create a healthy balance between making good choices and still being able to indulge in your favorite holiday treats!


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