Making Healthy Choices the Week Before Christmas! Meal Plan and Progress Update!

Good Afternoon!  What a weekend I had!  My family traveled out of town to have our annual Christmas party.  If you live in Pennsylvania, specifically central PA then you know we got quite the snow storm!  As a result, we left early Saturday morning to beat the storm going down the mountain.  We attended the festivities, visited with my parents, then rushed back home on Sunday to attend an annual family work party for my husbands work.  We had a blast all weekend, but were completely exhausted by Sunday night.  Luckily my girls slept in a little and I was right there with them! With all of the craziness of the weekend, I have to admit, I didn't get to my meal planning until late Sunday afternoon, so I made a quick trip to the grocery store and have some meal prep to do today.

My first order of business was getting some granola made to go with my yogurt throughout the week.   If you've never made this, PLEASE DO SO!  It is absolutely delicious!  My kitchen smells wonderful!  The only issue I have to watch with granola is the fact that I could eat it all right out of the oven!  So, what I do is make sure I have a 1/4 scoop in the container so that I only use that much on my yogurt each day.

Now that I have that made, I am set.  My meal plan is pretty basic this week and not much meal prep is needed.  I have everything I need cleaned and stored in the pantry or refrigerator. So, here is my weekly meal plan!

 I am going out to dinner with friends on Thursday, so I am using that as my cheat meal for the week and making sure that my family has something healthy to eat while I am gone.  Thankfully, we do not have any type of event / Christmas parties to attend this weekend so I can focus on staying on track and getting my plan together for the week of Christmas!

I have to say that Shakeology has been my life saver this holiday season!  I have been trying out some holiday Shakeology recipes and they have completely satisfied my sweet tooth!  The Christmas cookies have not been nearly as tempting as they have been in the past! While I'm sure I will have a Peanut Butter Blossom here and there within the next couple of weeks, I have zero plans of over indulging and putting those extra few pounds on.  My daily does of Shakeology has not only continued to provide me with energy and an overall healthy feeling, but it has given me a healthy alternative and "go-to" when my will power is being tested.

As for my workouts.  I am doing pretty well staying on track.  I have been sticking to my mid morning workouts and am doing a hybrid of Focus T25 and TurboFire.  I choose to keep my TurboFire workouts to 30 minutes or less so that I can stick with that time frame each day.  As a busy mom of two toddlers, that works perfectly for me.  My kids don't sit in front of the TV all day; however, for the 25-30 minutes that I spend working out, they are in the same room with me either playing with each other or having 30 minutes of TV time.

I used to think that I couldn't fit exercising into my daily schedule because I was too busy.  When I would see people posting about working out on Facebook I always thought to myself that it was selfish to put yourself ahead of spending time with your kids. The truth is, I was using it as an excuse.  Busy or not, moms need some time to themselves.  With the newest workouts that Beachbody has been releasing, it is making it so much easier to fit into busy schedules.  In fact, they are so short that you can even work out with the kids in the room!  That's what I do!  In fact, my husband has been doing T25 for the past several weeks.  Since he works all day, he usually does his workout around 7:30pm.  Most times, he is working out in the same room as me and the girls.  They are typically eating their evening snack before bedtime. I don't know about you, but I want to set a good, healthy example to my girls.  I want them to realize how important it is to take care of their bodies and to stay active.

Okay on to the really exciting news!!!!!

Something exciting that is arriving at my door this week is P90X3!  I was on the fence about getting it, but the week building up to its release, I saw the AMAZING results of the test group and just couldn't resist!  I was concerned that I didn't want to get bulky and muscular but several of the female results have shown that that does not have to be the case!  There are 4 different schedules that you can choose to follow: Classic, Lean, Mass, and Doubles.   The best part for me is that it is only 30 minutes per workout!  That's what I love about T25.  Since I am finishing up with that, I wanted to switch up to some more focused strength training that didn't have to sacrifice the time I didn't have.  So, I should be receiving my very own copy of P90X3 within the next couple of days!  My plan once I receive it is to go through all of the reading material, check out the nutritional guide, and get on to the workouts!  I am using an over the door resistance band rather than a pull up bar and it is already set to go!
The reason why I want to get started right away is because I am offering an exclusive 90 day P90X3 test group beginning December 30, 2013.  I want to get a head start on the program so that I am able to provide the support and knowledge to my challengers.  Within the first week of the group we will focus on the meal prep and planning of workouts.  Then, we will be ready to start in full force by January 6, 2014!  I do still have 2 spots available within the group.  I want to keep the group small so that I can provide optimal support.

If you are interested in reserving your spot, please contact me at or message me on my Facebook page so that we can touch base and discuss your health and fitness goals.  The cutoff to get into the group will be December 21, 2013.  I want everyone to have their materials ready to go by the start of the group.

On a side note:  You will receive Free Shipping through the month of December, as well as a FREE P90X3 hat and exclusive extra workout by ordering with me as your coach!

Let's get those New Year's Resolutions under control and an action plan in place NOW! 

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