New Year New You....2014 Will Be YOUR Year!

Greetings!  Can you believe that Christmas is already over?!  After spending the past couple of months planning out and prepping for the day, it's over before you know it.    It was like a whirl wind! I have to say that this has been a wonderful Christmas.  We are surrounded with wonderful family and were able to spend the past two days playing, socializing, giving and receiving gifts, and of course, eating. I have to admit, while I did follow my meal plan pretty well, I did sneak in a few extra goodies here and there.  I'm not feeling guilty about it, because I know that getting right back on track will not be a problem for me.  Why?  Because of my upcoming health and fitness group that will be starting soon.  If it weren't for these online accountability groups, I know that I wouldn't be where I am today.  

So as a result, I am opening up availability to my first 2014 60 day health and fitness group, beginning Monday, January 6, 2014!  

Before getting into the details, let's first talk about New Year's Resolutions.  I, for one, always had the same reoccurring resolution.....lose weight.  I would always think to myself that when my family would be heading to the beach the following summer, I would actually look good and feel comfortable in my bathing suit.  I was never one for going to a gym, but I did always have a small collections of home workout videos, so, come January 2, I would break them out and make it a goal to exercise at least a few times a week.  I would be on a roll for the first couple of weeks but would never see much of a body change.  Being the impatient person that I am, I would rationalize in my head that summer was still 6 months away and that I would just pick back up with it at a later time.  The excuses would then begin and things would go straight downhill from there.  I would be "too busy," or I would start "next Monday" or "next month."  I would even get this crazy idea in my head that a month before summer I would just start to eat less and have the weight come off that way.  Crazy, huh?  In any case, my New Year's Resolutions were long gone by the end of January and weren't coming back until the following year.  

It wasn't until I joined my first online health and fitness support group that I realized it was my eating habits that were holding me back.  Did you know that nutrition is 80% of your weight loss results? While I thought I was eating healthy by picking up a granola bar, a Lean Cuisine, or even one of those 100 calorie snack packs, I was actually doing my body harm.  

So why am I writing all of this?  Simple.  Because I don't want that to happen to you! I don't want you to waste your money on a gym membership that you will end up giving up on within the first month.  And if you think you will stick to going to a gym, guess what, exercising is only part of getting the success of a healthy lifestyle.  Do you truly know how to eat healthy? 

As your Beachbody coach and someone who has "been there done that,"  I am making the commitment to help you set realistic, measurable health and fitness goals that we will work on together to achieve one day at a time. 

So how does this all work?

The first step is fitness.  Once you decide that you want to make the commitment, I will help you choose a fitness program that is perfect for YOU.  Not everyone likes doing the same type of workout.  I can guide you in the direction according to YOUR style and YOUR ability level.  If you are short on time, you  have options.  If you prefer something that focuses on strength training, you have options.  If you'd rather a cardio / kickboxing type workout, there is even an option for you!  Whatever it is, I will be able to make sure that the workout you choose will be doable, yet challenging enough to meet your needs.

The second step is nutrition.  After talking with friends and family over the holidays I realized something.  When I post and talk about the fact that I "eat clean," people are perceiving that to mean that I barley eat or that I only eat salads and veggies all day.  That is so far from the truth!  Clean Eating is eating 5 to 6 small meals per day.  It is pairing a complex carb and a protein at each meal. I actually eat more now than I did a year ago, yet I managed to lose two pounds this month and gain a few pounds this time last year! So my job is going to be to teach you how to not diet, but how to create a healthy lifestyle that you and your family can enjoy.  And no, you will not have to go to ten different stores to find the food.  Every week I go grocery shopping at Walmart and I get my produce and meat at either Martins or Giant Eagle.  I don't go to special health food stores or order things from the internet.  

The third, and final step is Shakeology.  Shakeology is not a weight loss or a protein shake.  It does not contain additives or harmful ingredients like Soy Lecithin or Sucralose.  You will not find artificial sweeteners like Splenda in it.  Shakeology is not comparable to other shakes because it would be like comparing apples to oranges.  Shakeology is a natural well balanced meal replacement shake that is equivalent to 6 salads in one glass.  It has been one meal that I don't have to think about, that keeps me full for about 3 hours, and tastes delicious!  You can switch up the taste using natural sweeteners like fresh fruit, or even add some different types of extracts.  Shakeology has saved me many times, especially throughout the holidays.  It is my go-to if I need to satisfy my sweet tooth and has provided me what my old multivitamin used to.

By committing to the three steps listed above, you will be granted access to my accountability group, which will provide you the 24/7 access to me as your coach!  All you have to do is check in daily. I will provide you support, tips, motivation, recipes, and more!  I will help you customize your weekly meal plans so that you can prep at the beginning of the week and save time throughout the week! I will teach you how to handle cravings, temptations, emotional eating, eating out, traveling, and more!  You are getting much more than you would with a gym membership.  You are getting the support to make a total body transformation that doesn't include "going on a diet" or drinking shakes all day.  All you have to do is commit to the program and finish it! 

My results are a direct reflection that this process works, as well as my motivation and commitment to help others. I can honestly say that if it were not for my decision to make the commitment and investment into a health and fitness support group, then I would still be where I was six months ago...unhappy, self-conscious, unhealthy.
No matter what has happened to you in the last 12 months, put it behind you.  It's okay if you fell off track and gained a few pounds.  You are human and humans make mistakes.  It's absolutely OK!  It's time to step it up a notch and get back in high gear!  You don't want to be the one in May worrying about fitting into your summer clothes and wearing a bathing suit to the pool or beach.  

If this sounds like something that you are interested in, message or email me with any questions you may have, or to reserve your spot!  It's ok if you ask a bunch of questions and realize it's not your thing.  At least you explored another option before spending the money on a gym membership or on a diet program that consists of pills and all day shakes. Who knows, maybe if you give it a shot it will change your life forever! 

In order to provide individualized attention to all participants, there is limited availability.  

Who's joining me in making 2014 the best year yet?! 

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