Fight those Winter Blues with a Clean Eating Group and a Special Gift!

We are almost to mid January and those New Year Resolutions to lose weight and get healthy are in full swing! How is it going?  Are you still "all about" it or are you starting to fall off the bandwagon?  For me, exercising was always easy and I never necessarily minded it, it was finding the time that was difficult.  Eating healthy, on the other hand, was a different story.  I totally fell for those "low fat" or 100 calorie pack foods.  While I'm sure a 100 calorie pack food is better So once I decided to join a stress free clean eating challenge group, I really learned how to eat.  It wasn't until I joined the group that I came to realize that I truly didn't know what it meant to eat healthy. In fact, I was apparently clueless!  The best part, for me, was that I was able to slowly get my husband and 2 and 3 year old daughters (for the most part) eating clean and healthy with me.
than a big greasy bag of chips, neither are a good choice.  I was also guilty of buying tons of Lean Cuisine meals to heat up at lunch.  Did you ever really look at the nutritional value in those?! And come on, do they REALLY keep you feeling full?! I was sick of yo-yo dieting and trying the latest fad diets!

 I know there are boat loads of people in the same situation.  Maybe you are one of them!  So, what I have decided to do is open up a 30 day Clean Eating group.

What DOES it mean to eat clean?

You might be thinking, what IS clean eating?  If you do a Google search for clean eating, you will find many different versions. What I did was purchased a book called The Eat Clean Diet, Recharged! by Tosca Reno.  She is a fantastic author and has several clean eating books out.  The Recharged book is great because it gives the basics of clean eating, which is what I follow and use in my challenge groups. 

Without going in to great detail, I have learned how to eat every 2 1/2 to 3 hours, which means 5 to 6 meals per day. Now you may be thinking, "I don't have time to eat that much!"  You are not eating 5 to 6 large meals, or even meals that require silverware!  A great snack that I used to eat as a teacher is 20 grapes and a string cheese.  I wasn't chomping on it in front of my students, but I kept it on my desk and any chance I would get to grab a few grapes while monitoring an activity worked for me.  By eating frequent meals and snacks, you are not only fueling your body, but you are increasing your metabolism and keeping your body satisfied so that you don't reach that "I'M STARVING!" point throughout the day.  

In addition to the frequent meals, I try to stay away from as much processed food as possible.  I did not eliminate it completely, but have greatly reduced what I, as well as my family, eats. And to eliminate a thought that may be going through your mind, NO, I do not have to travel the world, or internet, to find my food!  In fact, I do my weekly grocery shopping at Walmart and Martins / Giant Eagle.  

Is clean eating just another Fad Diet?

A question that I first got from my husband when I started into this transition was, Isn't this just the next fad diet?  The answer to that is no and let me explain why.  We (my family), have made a lifestyle change.  We aren't eliminating certain foods for a month or two to lose weight and then go back to eating them.  We aren't doing some 7 day miracle diet where we eat weird foods (that we won't eat when it's over) just to lose weight. What we have done, is incorporate some different foods into our diet and "clean up" some dinners that we enjoy, and make it part of our life.  We don't have an ending date to how we eat.

Yes,  I cheat!  When I first started I followed the 80/20 rule.  Eat clean 80 percent of the day and then make reasonable choices the other 20.  Slowly but surely, I feel that I am up to about 95/5. I do still  incorporate a cheat meal, usually a weekend dinner, into my weekly meal plan and will continue to do so.  

So why am I telling you so much about how I eat?  Simple.  Because the basis of my group is based off of my research and personal experience.  In this group 30 day group, I am going to share meal plans like the one posted below on a weekly basis.  I am going to help customize your meal plans so that you are getting the servings that you need.  I am going to show you how to prep as much as possible at the beginning of the week, so that the rest of the week runs quick and smooth!  You won't be coming home from work wondering what you are making for dinner.  You will not be making "on the spot" decisions throughout the week either.  I will help you figure out what you are eating and when so that when the time comes each day, you are prepared! 

Something that has GREATLY helped me not only lose weight, but get healthy, is the incorporation of Shakeology.  Shakeology is a nutritious drink that can be used as a meal replacement.  I drink my chocolate Shakeology for breakfast every single morning!  Shakeology is NOT a protein drink.  It is packed with your daily dose of vitamins and minerals.  It gives you energy, improves your digestion and regulation, helps you lose weight, and the best part (for me) is it helps curb your cravings!  Shakeology is a complete meal and will keep you full for 2 1/2 to 3 hours. You do not need to eat any other snacks when drinking it.  It is a fantastic on the go meal too!  If I am shopping or traveling for the day, I just take a packet, a water bottle, and a bottle of water and I am set!  There are tons of recipes for every flavor so you don't have to drink the same old boring shake every day.  In addition, on Monday, January 13, 2014, Beachbody is releasing a new flavors!  Strawberry!  I can honestly say that it wasn't until I started drinking  Shakeology that I felt my absolute best.  It is worth every single penny and is now part of my DAILY diet.

Sum up the details already!!!

Ok so if you want to get your spot, you don't have much time!  Here are the specifics:

* The group begins on Monday, January 20, 2014.
* In joining the group, you are committing to replacing one meal per day with Shakeology.  You only need to purchase a 30 day supply (which comes with a money back guarantee)!  If I didn't feel so strong about the product, I wouldn't make it a requirement!
* I will provide weekly meal plans that you can follow, or you can create your own for me to check out and help customize. 
* We will follow the 80/20 rule.  Eat clean for 80% of your day and the other 20 within reason.  
* I will provide you with daily tips, support, and motivation. 
* I will be available 24/7 to help you!
* The group is online through a closed Facebook group so only the members of the group will see what is being posted.
* I ask that you check in each daily for a few minutes to see the daily tip as well as give a short rating of your day.  
* I will help you deal with temptations, emotional eating, eating out, packing your work meals, recipes, travel, and more! 
* While exercising is encouraged, it is not required.
* Oh, and did I mention there is a FREE GIFT!!! Since I follow the rules of Tosca Reno's The Eat Clean Diet, Recharged, I thought it was only fair for YOU to have a copy as well!  Once you purchase your Shakeology, I will mail you the book!

 So what are you waiting for?! Email me at or message me to reserve YOUR spot!  It's time for a change and I am going to help you make that happen!

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