The Final Week of the 21 Day Fix - Week 3 Progress Update! Who's joining me for another round?!

Good Morning!  So as of yesterday, I am officially a 21 Day Fix graduate! I have successfully completed Round 1 and am beginning Round 2 TODAY!  That's right!  There is no stopping for me!  I am loving how I feel and I am truly learning what and how much I should be eating.  So, today kicks off another 21 Day FIX Up for Spring group!  I have 14 committed ladies, some returning for Round 2, who are ready to rock this program!  I am excited to help my new challengers learn the ins and outs and get them on a path to a healthy lifestyle.  

Looking for 21 Day Fix support?  Look no further!I have to say,  my first 21 Day Fix challenge group went amazingly well!  The progress of measurements and pictures are slowly coming in to me and....WOW!  It's crazy to think how much can happen with your body and overall mindset in just 21 days.  I seriously CAN NOT WAIT to see what happens in Round 2 for these ladies, and I am anxious to get the newbies up and running this week!  I went through the conversations within my first group and couldn't help but smile.  For the most part, my challengers did not know each other, yet they were all so encouraging to one another.  It is apparent that based on my 5 favorite comments throughout the group, that everyone LOVED this program!  

The 21 Day Fix has been a learning process for me too.  Prior to this program, I didn't really use weights to work out.  Like many females, I was too afraid to "bulk up" and certainly didn't want to gain weight.  I did some resistance band work with P90X3, but since I was following the Lean Schedule, resistance / weight training wasn't consistent enough.  The 21 Day Fix incorporates light and heavy weights in almost every workout.  I can honestly say that I  have seen a HUGE difference!  I've definitely noticed that my arms are much more toned and my legs and abs definitely feel stronger. While I didn't lose a ton of weight (which I wasn't looking to do so), I did lose 4 pounds and 3 1/2 inches overall.  While I'm happy with the numbers, I'm happier with how I feel and how I look. My pants are definitely getting looser and I have full intention of going shopping after Round 2 for a smaller size!
Fitness Motivation

So as I am starting Round 2, I have made some decisions on how I am going to handle my meals. To be honest, I am finally starting to get sick of the same snacks/meals that I have been eating.  So, I decided to throw in one of my favorite snacks, Cinnamon Dusted Apples with Cottage Cheese. I also eliminated the grapes that I was having with my yogurt due to the high sugar content.  I've noticed that along with reducing my portion sizes, eliminating (or greatly limiting) things like bananas, tortillas, and larger portions of all-natural peanut butter have been a blessing in disguise.  While those foods are not bad for you, there are definitely better choices if you are truly looking to get serious results. So here is my meal plan as I begin Round 2 of the 21 Day Fix!  If you have been following me or my blog, then you will notice that another new addition is the 10 Minute Abs Fix.  While I was doing it here and there throughout Round 1, I never had it written on paper.  For me, knowing that it is there will allow me to focus and make sure it actually gets done.  It's only 10 minutes (not to mention SUPER effective)!  
Clean Eating Meal Plan

My intention for Round 2 is to incorporate the 3 Day Fix during the final 3 Days.  I was so focused on the 21 Day Fix Eating Plan, that I didn't really take the time to look through and incorporate the 3 Day Fix.  After seeing some others getting amazing results in just 3 days, I plan to do it on days 19, 20 and 21 so that I can maximize my results.  By then I will be pulling out my capri's and maybe even my shorts!  I vow that I WILL feel confident in my skin this Spring and Summer!
21 Day Fix

So now that you have followed me through my weekly progress of the 21 Day Fix, are you ready to join me?!

So here is the deal.  The 21 Day Fix has been a HOT ITEM! As a result, it is currently on pre-order. That means, if you are interested in participating in my next 21 Day Fix Group, which begins on April 7th, then you MUST pre-order your copy now!  You will not be charged for your purchase until your package actually ships out.  The orders are going to be shipped in order of the pre-order placement, so the longer you wait, the longer it will take to get to you! 

So, fill out the application below and reserve your spot!  Let's get you on the path to living a healthy lifestyle and getting an AWESOME transformation! Don't let another Spring and Summer go by where you dread showing some extra skin.  There is no better feeling than having the confidence in how you feel AND look!  

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