Friday, August 15, 2014

Campfire S'Mores Popcorn

How could you not love anything with the word S'mores in it?!  Throughout the summer my family has had several campfires.  Yes, S'mores are definitely a part of them!  My husband is so obsessed that I went out and bought him an official S'more maker! I'm sure it isn't surprising to hear that they aren't that good for you!  I stumbled across this recipe from a random website while looking for new dinner ideas.  It is called Simply Taralynn. I knew right off the bat that this would be a big hit at my house so I made sure I had all of the ingredients so I could give it a try. Sure enough, I was right!  Everyone loved it!  

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Campfire S'mores 

* 3 Tbsp of natural popcorn kernels
* 1 Marshmellow
* 1 Tbsp dark chocolate chips
* 1 1/2 Graham Crackers - break in to small pieces
* Small handful of Walnuts (or pecan halves)

1. Pop 3 Tbsp of natural popcorn kernels (I place them in a brown paper bag, fold the bag over, and microwave for 2 minutes).
2. Dump popcorn in to a microwave safe bowl and place a large marshmallow on top.
3. Microwave for 30 seconds.
4. Remove from the microwave and mix immediately, otherwise the marshmallow will harden. 
5. Top the popcorn/marshmallow mixture with dark chocolate chips, graham crackers, and walnuts/pecan halves. 


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