Top 10 Misconceptions about being a Beachbody Coach

Becoming a Beachbody Coach has turned out to be one of the best decisions that I have made.  This decision has not only impacted my life, but my family's as well.  I am proud to say that as a family we are living a healthy, happy life.  As a sixth grade teacher turned entrepreneur,  I love that I am able to set my own work hours and put as much or as little effort as I want in to my business.  I also love that I am able to make a positive impact on others just for sharing my passion.
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Misconceptions about Beachbody Coaching

Encouraging others to take the leap in to growing their own business as a coach is something that I have loved doing with my coaches.  Seeing them not only reach out and help others get healthy, but reaching financial goals themselves is amazing! So, as I present this wonderful opportunity to others,  I naturally get lots of questions and some push-back from time to time.  It is totally understandable because lots of people not only make assumptions, but they are misinformed too! So, what better way to address the common misconceptions that I hear and answer them myself! 

1. I don't have the money to become a Beachbody Coach.
This is a pretty common comment that I get when it comes to coaching.  The truth is, when you sign up to become a coach you want to MAKE money, not spend it! The month that I signed up to coach my family actually went from two income to one income due to my leave of absence from my teaching job. Within that first month, I was able to comfortably cover the cost of my products (and then some), as well as make my first rank advancement!  Each month since my business has steadily grown.  At no point have I had to worry about my monthly Shakeology and coach fee investment.  Our first goal as a new coach is to cover the cost of your products and then build from there. 

2. I am not "fit" enough to be a Coach.
It doesn't matter!  I wasn't at my goal weight/size and am still working towards it!  When I went to my first Coach Summit in Las Vegas last June I was happy to see that there are coaches of all shapes and sizes!  Many coaches sign up when they first begin their journey and that's OK!  People like to follow others who are going through the same struggles, or have gone through those struggles.  It makes tips and advice that much more valuable.

3. I don't have the time to make a Coaching business successful.
The great thing about this business is that you can create your own hours!  While this certainly is not a "get rich quick" business, you can start making money fairly quickly. I have two toddlers and trust me when I say, they keep me busy!  Many extremely successful coaches have created a six figure income working part time hours, which has now brought them home from their original full time jobs! All of my new coaches have the option to enroll  in an online coach apprenticeship group where they learn about time management, tips and techniques to get their businesses up and running. One : One support is provided and I match YOUR pace, not mine.  

4. Beachbody Coaching is just another Pyramid Scheme!
Boy is this a common one! Everyone always laughs and says what a pyramid scheme coaching is, but honestly, do you REALLY know what a pyramid scheme is?  It is actually an illegal business model that requires people to pay money to join but there is no actual product.  Beachbody is a network marketing company, which is a business model that has been in existence for many decades! For further information, let CEO Carl Daikeler explain it below. 

5. I am not a health and fitness expert.
No problem!  Neither am I!  All you need is the desire to help others while bettering yourself.  The makers of Beachbody products, including trainers like Shaun T, Tony Horton, and Chalene Johnson have included everything you need to know in order to have an amazing transformation!  As a coach, I provide the support, motivation, and accountability to successfully guide you through the program. 

6. I am not a sales person and wouldn't be good with sales.
Good!  Because I'm not a salesperson either! As a coach, I simply share my own story and the stories of others who have had success with Beachbody products.  Then, people reach out to me and I also invite others to give the products a try! It's really no different than recommending your favorite restaurant or even a favorite hair product that you use.  In this case, you will earn a 25% commission when anyone you share with decides to purchase.  

7. There are too many coaches out there, it's too late for me.
Like any other network marketing company, Beachbody is structured in a way that there is no limit on your earnings.  You can even pass up and reach a higher rank than the person that you signed up under. You are not limited to what anyone "above" you is earning.  YOU are responsible for your earning potential.  I did not get in to the company at an early stage by any means, yet my business has a continual growth.  

8. I don't know enough people.
This was a concern that I had when I first started out.  I barely had any Facebook friends and since I was taking a leave of absence from my job, my face-to-face social interaction was going to be limited.  Guess what?  It doesn't matter!  Sure, I reached out to some friends and family; but, once I got the support that I needed to begin my business through a coach apprenticeship group, I learned more about network marketing, started my blog, and have met more people in the past year than across several years!  In fact, the majority of my customers are people that I have never met!

9. I don't like to work out at home, I prefer to go to a gym.
Ok so I came across this every now and then.  To be honest, I know quite a few Beachbody coaches who do in fact go to the gym.  What they do is use Beachbody fitness programs as a supplemental at-home program.  Believe it or not, coaching is not all about exercising.  It's about living a healthy life which includes eating healthy too!  You don't get that at a gym.  So, you don't have to give up your gym fetish to be a coach.  You can still use the products, be a product of the product, eat healthy, AND go to the gym!  

10. I have no business experience.
My experience is in the field of education, not business.  One of the perks about owning your business as a coach is you don't have to worry about inventory.  Beachbody handles the processing of orders, returns and exchanges.  Like I have said before, what I primarily do is share my experiences. Beachbody takes care of the bulk advertising of products.  All I do is use them and share!

Becoming a Beachbody Coach, Misconceptions of Beachbody Coaching, Beachbody Scam, Beachbody Pyramid Scheme

I hope that the information that I have provided gives you a little insight to what Beachbody Coaching is all about.   If there is a question or misconception that I have not addressed, feel free to fill out the form below! I'd be more than happy to help!  In addition, if you are interested in learning more and/or joining the currently ranked #1 team in the company, use the form below to get in touch with me.  From there, I will be in contact with you and we can chat! 

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