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Happy Monday!  It's been a little while since I've updated you on my P90 journey, so I thought I'd do so today! The last update I gave was after completing Week 1.  I have now completed Weeks 2 and 3 and have just entered in to the final week of Phase A, which is week 4.  Things have been going very smoothly over here!  I was a bit worried that I would need more variety in workouts since I was going to be doing the same workouts every other day; however, I have been perfectly happy!  I am still alternating between Sweat A / Ab Ripper A / Sculpt A / and of course, the Saturday Special.  I have to say, with every workout my heartbeat increases and I break a great sweat! I especially like the Saturday Special workout!  Due to the resistance training and of course the push ups, my arms are looking more toned and I have found that I am able to stick with the cardio moves for the entire duration without modifications!  

Overall, I am very happy with P90 and plan to continue in to Phase B next week!  I'm anxious to see how the intensity increases and the results that come with it!  

P90, motivation, 21 Day Fix, P90 Workouts

I have to say, aside from P90, I've had a lot going on in the kitchen!  I am going to share with you not one, but TWO meal plans!  These are the plans that I followed for the past two weeks.  I incorporated some new dinners and found a couple new Shakeology recipes, as well as a new Fall snack recipe!  I will post them below.  
21 Day Fix, P90, P90 Workout, Clean Eating, Meal Planning
21 Day Fix Meal Plan with P90 Workouts
21 Day Fix, P90, P90 Workout, Clean Eating, Meal Planning
21 Day Fix Meal Plan with P90 Workouts

S'Mores Shakeology, Shakeology
S'Mores Shakeology
Ok so first let's chat about Shakeology. I seriously look forward to my chocolate Shakeology EVERY SINGLE MORNING!  I've tried to plan it out so I eat it for lunch, but it never fails, I wake up and want it for breakfast!  It is crazy to think that something so good is providing me with my daily dose of nutrients. I love the natural energy I get and it also cures my "chocolate fix"! So, when my family wants ice cream in the evenings, I sometimes like to make an extra shake for myself.  I LOVE ice cream so having Shakeology has been a great alternative if I don't want to use up my weekly treat. Last weekend, we had a little movie night with my girls and of course, they wanted ice cream.  I actually discovered this S'More Shakeology Recipe on Pinterest and new I'd have to give it a try!  Not to my surprise, it was WONDERFUL! Another fabulous recipe I tried is Salted Caramel Shakeology.  Again, it was AMAZING!!  I just love this stuff :) 

Salted Caramel Shakeology, Shakeology, Chocolate Shakeology Recipes
Salted Caramel Shakeology
I mentioned above that I tried out a new snack recipe as well.  I enjoy having my typical yogurt lunch pretty much every day; however, it's nice to be able to switch up the flavor every now and then (without the added sugar of course).  So I tried out this Pumpkin Pie Yogurt and boy was it good! 

Pumpkin Pie Yogurt, Clean Eating Snacks
Pumpkin Pie Yogurt
Ok on to these two unbelievably mouth-watering delicious dinner recipes that I tried this week!  They were seriously so good!  There were zero left overs and I am debating on putting them back on my meal plan for next week already! 

First up is Mexican Pizza! For several months now my husband and I have been on a bit of a Mexican food kick.  While all of the Mexican food recipes I post have pretty much the same ingredients, this is just a different way to put it all together. Doesn't it look delicious?!

Mexican Pizza, Healthy Dinner Ideas
Mexican Pizza
The second recipe I tried is PERFECT for pizza night!  Buffalo Chicken Pizza was a hit, especially with my husband considering I only got 1 piece! We actually liked this homemade (healthier) version better than ones we've tried at various restaurants.  

Healthy Buffalo Chicken Pizza, Clean Eating, Healthy Dinner Ideas
Buffalo Chicken Pizza
So there you have it!  That's what has been going on in my house for the past couple of weeks!

I am anxious to continue on with P90 and have a couple more new recipes to share once I get through Week 4!

I am excited to say that my 30 Day Fit for Fall Challenge started TODAY! I can't wait to share my tips, recipes, customizable meal plans, support, motivation, and more with this amazing group of women!  If you are interested in joining an upcoming health and fitness accountability group, please fill out and submit the form below.  I've got big plans for November and can't wait to form my new groups to help people stay on track through the holidays!

Fit for Fall Challenge, Health and Fitness Accountability Groups
Online Health and Fitness Accountability Group

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