Creamy Chicken Salad with Honey Mustard Dressing

Here you have it! Another Fixate Cookbook recipe!  I tried the Creamy Chicken Salad with Honey Mustard dressing and it was delicious!  It would make for a great lunch or dinner! Give it a try and let me know your thoughts!

The following ingredients make about 4 servings with 1 1/4 cup per serving.  The color coded portion control container count is 2 green, 1/2 purple, 1 red, 1/2 blue, and 1/2 orange

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Creamy Chicken Salad
  1. Combine chicken, apple, grapes, almonds, green onions, tarragon, and Honey Mustard Salad Dressing in a large bowl.  Mix well and then refrigerate (covered) for 2 hours.
  2. Serve 1 1/4 cup Creamy Chicken Salad over 2 cups of romaine lettuce per serving.  

Honey Mustard Dressing:
** Serves 8 with 2 Tbsp per serving
** 1 Orange Container
Directions: Combine yogurt, mustard, honey, and vinegar in a medium bowl and mix well. Slowly add the oil, whisking constantly until well blended.  


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