Southwestern Cobb Salad

As you may or may not know, this week my husband and I decided that we wanted to eat some sort of different salad each night this week for dinner.   We do typically have a chicken or steak salad once per week but this week has been a little different.  We BOTH actually enjoy eating salads but there is a big misconception that all salads are healthy.  That is NOT the case.  Several salads are FILLED with over portioned unhealthy topping and high fat/sodium/calorie dressing!  So don't think that eating salads all of the time is healthy! Anyways, THIS salad was absolutely DELICIOUS! In fact, my husband scarfed his down in minutes!  I believe his response was "this was the best salad ever!"  So, we are definitely adding this to the dinner (or even lunch) rotation list!  I did pick and choose what to put on the salad but one thing most cobb salads seem to have are hard boiled eggs.  While that is a great source of protein, I personally do not like those, so, I didn't add them! But you can!

As for the kids, there are days this week that I am making them something different. Most days; however, they are picking and choosing the veggies they want to eat :)

Southwestern Cobb Salad

Here's the recipe! (This is for 1 salad)

Place lettuce on plate and layer the toppings on!  Simple as that!

** I used the salsa as my "dressing" and my husband used some balsamic dressing. Either way is great!  **

Give it a try and let me know what you think!


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