Holiday Tips with a Weekly Meal Plan Update!

The week of Christmas is finally here!  Are you ready and prepared for your week?  I sure am!  So I wanted to get my meal plan posted so that you can see how I am going to handle my eating this week.  Some people decide there are no rules at this time of year.  Me?  Yes, I used to throw the rules out the door.  Not this year though.  I have my meal plan printed and laying on my counter as I type! Other than Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, my schedule is pretty normal.  I'm not making anything new or fancy this week.  I am including two shakes on Tuesday and Wednesday to help fight those cookie temptations though! I am so thankful to have Shakeology as a healthy alternative that will satisfy my sweet tooth. So, I have a pretty busy Christmas Eve AND Christmas Day.  On Christmas Eve we head over to my in-laws to open gifts, followed by going to mass, having a late dinner and heading home with two tired (or maybe hyper, who knows this year) little girls.  I don't usually do well with a change of routine when it comes to eating, so I have a plan and am sticking to it.  I will be packing my second Shakeology shake of the day to drink before Mass and then plan to pick at some fruit and veggies during a buffet style dinner.  I will be busy chasing the girls so I know it will not be difficult to stay busy and away from the treats.  Christmas Day is like a whirl wind for me.  We spend the day with my side of the family and have a traditional, HUGE, afternoon dinner.  Seriously, there is more food than you can think of!  I guarantee someone could easily put on 5 pounds just with this dinner!  My plan is to schedule that as my weekly cheat; however, I have no intentions of over indulging. I may have an extra starch or a couple of cookies, but I am also making sure I get a second Shakeology in to help my willpower out. So, there you have it!  Short, simple, and nothing fancy.  What I love most about a meal plan like this is my grocery list!  It didn't take me long to make and I don't need too much which means an inexpensive week!   

So I've been posting a lot of tips about how to get through the holiday parties and events throughout the month of December, but I haven't really said too much about handling the actual day.  So here are my tips that I plan to follow:
1. Watch your portion sizes.  It is so easy to put an extra pile of those potatoes on your plate, or grab a cookie every time you walk past the tray, but remember, instant gratification isn't going to get you where you want to be.  I know it's the holiday and you want to loosen up a bit, but don't force yourself to loosen your pants! You will regret it by Thursday morning, trust me!  

2. Bring along a healthy side dish.  If you know that you aren't going to be faced with many healthy choices, bring something that you can enjoy without the guilt.  You can still have small portions of the other food, but then you can add more of what you brought to your plate.  For example, I am bringing a veggie tray with me on Christmas Eve.  You can't go wrong with veggies!  I know that I will be able to stick with that if need be.

3. Be active!  So I'd love to say get up and exercise Christmas morning, which you should, but I have to admit, I am scheduling a rest day on Christmas morning rather than the following Sunday.  I am already getting up at 5:00am to get myself ready for the day and I don't want to be exhausted and ready for bed by 1:00pm!    I do plan; however, to be up and at em' every other day, even on Christmas Eve!  

4. Drink up! Water that is! I ask this often so you should probably know the answer by now.  Do you know how much water you should drink? If not, cut your body weight in half and drink that many ounces.  I know, it may be a lot, but it is good to stay hydrated and not let your body get confused between hunger and thirst. My trick to drinking enough water is putting it in a cup with a straw.  For some weird reason, I drink more when I use a straw, so I bought this $4.00 24 ounce cup and know exactly how many times it needs to be refilled throughout the day in order to complete my water intake.

5. Last but certainly not least, pre-eat. You're probably thinking...what??? You shouldn't attend your holiday gatherings feeling like you could eat everything in site.  The hungrier you are, the more you are going to eat.  So, it would be a wise decision to make sure you eat something before you head out or have your guests over.  If you drink Shakeology, then that is THE PERFECT choice! 

So I was pretty excited to see the small brown box laying at my door step on Thursday afternoon.  I saw the beautiful word: Beachbody written down the side and knew exactly what it was! P90X3 of course! I felt like it took forever to get to me!  I was hoping to begin last week but since I just got it, I wanted to read though the fitness and nutrition guide and learn a little first.  I am anxiously planning to begin my first workout on Monday!

Once I get my first week of workouts in, I am beginning an exclusive P90X3 test group on December 30, 2013. Do you have that New Year's Resolution of getting in shape, losing weight, and making healthier choices?  Then you are in luck!  I will provide you with the support, motivation, and accountability that you need to get the results you are wanting.  We will not be giving up after a month!  I will help you make a healthy lifestyle change that will make such a positive difference in your life!  Today is actually my last call for the group because if you don't order by tonight, you may not have your materials in time for the start of the group. Click here for details

In addition, P90X3 is the December promotion, so if you don't take advantage by December 31, you will end up paying more money! 

Don't miss out! Contact me if you are ready to make the commitment and reserve your spot! 

Have a safe, healthy, and happy holiday!

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