Let's FIX up for Summer!!! My 21 Day Fix Overall Review!

21 Day Fix Workouts

Happy Monday!  Can you believe it is May already?!  Time is running out and before you know it, bathing suit season is going to be here!  My family just spent a weekend at the beach and people were really starting to shed some clothes and work on those tans! So I have to ask, are you ready for summer?  Are you going to be the one sporting that cute new bathing suit or will you be keeping that cover up on? 

21 Day Fix ReviewsIf you aren't familiar at all with the 21 Day Fix program then you probably don't know that you can get unbelievable results in just 21 days!  Yep, that's right, in just 21 days!!  I have been running 21 Day Fix challenge groups since the program came out in February and the results of my challengers have been incredible!  I personally did 2 solid rounds of the FIX before switching up some of the workouts for a change and am still following the nutritional end.  It is so simple and easy to follow that ANYONE can do it!  Seriously!  I haven't had a challenger in any of my groups that haven't enjoyed both the nutritional and fitness end.  

21 Day Fix containers
So, to sum up the program, the 21 Day Fix comes with 7 color coded food storage containers as well as an Eating Plan book.  Within the book you will see a complete list of any and every food that you can place into each container.  From there, you choose which foods you would like to eat and start filling up your containers.  If it fits, you can eat it!  That's it!  When you get the program you use a formula to figure out the number of calories and containers that you get for the day. For  me, I get 3 red containers per day.  Shakeology counts as one red container and I usually use of my other red containers with cottage cheese or yogurt, egg whites, and some sort of meat at dinner time.  When you typically hear about a nutritional plan you often times see weird looking or expensive foods.  Not this plan!  ALL of the foods in the Eating Plan book are totally normal! I promise!

21 Day Fix foodI think the biggest question that I get about the 21 Day Fix is Do I have to starve myself for 21 days?  Honestly, the first couple of days I felt a little hungry.  I'm sure it's no surprise to hear about how portion sizes across the years in this country have drastically changed for the worse.  Even when you go out to a restaurant and get a simple chicken salad, you are usually given a salad that is worth 2 or 3 servings!  Let's not get started on the fried greasy food.   Once you get through the first day or two, then your body adjusts and truthfully, you  have MORE THAN ENOUGH food to eat throughout the day.  I came across this e-card the other day and thought it was perfect!  It's so true!  I can honestly say that there have been several days where I was unable to finish all of my containers.  

The other common question I get is, Do I have to make and eat separate food for my family?  The answer to that is ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!  You have so many options of what you can eat!  Take a look at my meal plan below.  Breakfast seems to be the craziest time of day for me.  My two and four year old are gearing up for the day wanting their cereal and toast and I am left with getting everything they need.  So, Shakeology it is!  It gives me my morning energy and gets me feeling great to begin my day, not to mention the tremendous health benefits!  At dinner time, I make the same meal for everyone.  Every now and then I do need to make something separate for my little ones but that's just because they are two and four years old!  If you have kids, you know what I'm talking about.  You can see that the food I eat on a daily basis is completely normal and easy to find food. 

21 Day Fix Meal Plan

As for the workouts, they are all 30 minutes each except for 10 Minute Abs.   30 MINUTES!!  Who DOESN'T have time for 30 minutes?! You don't have to drive to the gym, you just have to throw on some workout clothes, sneakers, and press play.  You can even do it while your kids are right there!  I know my girls enjoy jumping around with me and that I am setting a positive example for them.  With the program, you get the following workouts: Total Body Cardio Fix, Cardio Fix, Upper Fix, Lower Fix, Yoga Fix, Pilates Fix, and 10-Minute Fix for Abs.  With the challenge pack purchase, you also get a bonus workout called Plyo Fix (which is AWESOME)!!  So, the program is designed for you to do a different workout each day for two weeks, and then double workouts for the third week.  Then, you are DONE with a round!  
21 Day Fix Workouts

So, all in all, this program comes HIGHLY  recommended by me!  The excitement that the challengers in my group experience when they realize that after even one week they are feeling energized and fantastic is all worth it! In addition, I know that we will all be feeling confident and ready for those summer clothes!
21 Day Fix

As a result, I am CONTINUING my exclusive 21 Day Fix groups!  MY NEXT GROUP BEGINS ON MONDAY, MAY 12TH!  Within the group you will be provided with 1:1 support, accountability, motivation, and a group of fantastic individuals who cheer each other on.  NO ONE is left behind!  Spots for my 21 Day Fix groups fill up quickly, so, if you are interested in joining one, please fill out the application below.  I will be in contact within 24 hours from when you submit.  

I promise, this is something you WILL NOT regret!

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