A Day in the Life of the 21 Day Fix! Meal Plan Included!

Happy Monday!  Can you believe it is June already?!  I swear I feel like I was just posting about 2014 New Year's Resolutions!  So anyways,  I'm here today to write about an AMAZING program that is getting RAVE reviews!  It's a little something called, The 21 Day Fix!  

I've been running monthly 21 Day Fix groups since the program was released in February 2014.  I have YET to come across any challenger who has not LOVED this program!  So, when someone is deciding whether or not this program is a good fit, or "too good to be true," I get a few types of questions. I figured that I would make a list of the top 10 questions that I typically receive, and then go through what a day in the life of the 21 Day Fix is all about! 

1. Do you starve yourself for 21 days? NO! NO NO!!!  To be completely honest, the first few days of Round 1 I did feel a bit hungry.  I wouldn't say that I was starving, but yes, by evening time I was wanting something to eat.  The reason for this is because the 21 Day Fix program teaches you portion control.  I'm sure it is no surprise to hear that portion controls have gone from bad to worse in this country.  Even the size of dishes has increased!  So, as your body adjusts to correct portion sizes, yes, you may feel a bit hungry at first.  Once you are adjusted there will actually be some days where you may not be able to finish all of your containers!  MANY of my challengers have faced this problem.  

2. Are the workouts hard?  Yes and No.  The workouts are effective!  Every single workout has a woman named Kat who modifies every single move.  Even at that, you can modify it further if you need to.  The age range of challengers that have been in my groups has been 24-64.  

3. Do I need equipment?  Yes.  You do need to invest in a light and a heavy set of weights.  You can also use resistance bands; however, I found it a bit difficult using them, so I stick with weights. 

4. Do you have to buy super expensive, all organic, type food? NO!!  In just a bit, you are going to read about one day in my life with the 21 Day Fix.  It is all normal food that you can get right from the grocery store!  You may even buy several of the recommended foods already!

5. Is it a hard program to follow?  NO! The 21 Day Fix really can't get any easier.  You get 7 color coded containers and you have a list of food that can go in each container.  If it fits, you can eat it!  

6. Do I have to drink Shakeology? You do not have to drink Shakeology; however, you will see that within the eating plan, Shakeology is a part of it. There are several Shakeology recipes in the plan that you can try, as well as the ones that come with your order.  In my opinion, I believe that drinking Shakeology will help to maximize your results in the first 21 Days.  As a result, within my challenge groups, I do require it for Round 1.  After the first month you can decide whether or not you want to continue with it. 

7. Is it only for younger females?  The 21 Day Fix can seriously be used at ANY age!  The nutritional component can be customized to the foods that you individually prefer and each workout has a modifier in the event that you are struggling with the move that the trainer is doing. 

8. How does it work? Ok, so, when you get your 21 Day Fix, you will first want to read through the Eating Plan booklet.  In there, you will find a formula that you are to use in order to find your calorie range that you are to eat each day.  From there, you look at a chart with your calorie range that will tell you how many of each container you are suppose to eat.   There is a page in the booklet for each colored container.  You will see a list of foods from the most nutritionally dense to the least that you are allowed to use in each container.  From there, you can begin planning out your meals based on how many containers you get!  Yes, the meal planning process does take a little while to get used to, but once you get the hang of it it becomes second nature!  This is something that I specifically help with one:one in my challenge groups. 

9. Is it a quick fix diet? The 21 Day Fix is NOT a quick fix diet.  It takes 21 days to form a new habit.  Once you get the hang of what a correct portion size is, you won't even need to use the containers!  By the time you get through one round of the FIX, you will have an abundance of knowledge on what foods fuel your body and keep you full.  If you choose to go back to your "old ways" the of course you will gain your weight back.  This program is designed for people who are ready to make a healthy lifestyle change!

10. Does it work?  YES! It is NOT too good to be true!  By following the steps of fueling your body with the rights foods, and the correct amount of those foods, along with daily exercise, you will get AMAZING results!  And yes, in just 21 days!  Aside from the physical results, you will gain self confidence and feel GREAT!  

So, I can overload you with TONS of reasons why you should try this program, but, instead, I am going to share with you a day in my life with the 21 Day Fix! I documented my day very closely so you could see the real deal! For starters, I create a color coded meal plan every weekend for the upcoming week.  As I mentioned before, yes, this does take some time at first; however, once you figure out the foods you like and the foods that keep you full, it's easy peasy, not to mention I  help my challengers do this!  So here is my meal plan for the upcoming week.   I always print out my plans and keep them propped up on my kitchen counter so I always know exactly what I should be eating.   Remember, the 21 Day Fix takes the guess work out of what to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat!  I will be out of town two days this week so I have even incorporated that into my plan.  No slacking just because I'm not going to be home!   I do want to add; however, that I  have been throwing in my favorite Turbo Fire workout along with the 21 Day fix workouts.  The 21 Day Fix program does come with 7 workouts, one for each day, but since I've been doing them for a few months, I've been switching things up a bit! 

21 Day Fix Meal Plan
 I took pictures and documented a day from last week so you could get an idea of the amount of food that I am able to eat in one day.  I personally am at the lowest targeted calorie range, and even at that, you can see I am clearly not starving myself!  I typically don't eat an evening snack; however, my two year old was hungry so we shared an evening snack that night :)  Here is the breakdown of my meals:

Breakfast: Chocolate Mint Shakeology
Mid-Morning Snack: Egg Whites with Grilled Peppers/Spinach and a piece of Ezekiel Toast
Lunch: Grilled Turkey, Hummus, Lettuce wrap with a side of Watermelon
 Mid-Afternoon Snack: Homemade Strawberry Frozen Greek Yogurt
Dinner: Flank Steak with 21 Day Fix Southwestern Seasoning, Grilled Peppers/Mushroom, Sweet Potato, Green Beans
Evening Snack: Veggies with Hummus.  I did go over on a blue container (hummus) that day; however, since I split that snack with my daughter I really didn't get to eat too much of it! 

That is the great thing about this program!  If you go over on a container or maybe you didn't get enough in, you can make up for those decisions the next day.  

21 Day Fix Meal PlansNow for the workouts!  So, this program comes with 7 30 minute Workouts:
Total Body Cardio Fix
Upper Fix
Lower Fix
Cardio Fix
Dirty 30

In addition, there is a bonus workout called Plyo Fix.  It is pure cardio and can be incorporated in whenever you want!  All of the workouts are AWESOME and EFFECTIVE!  Like I've mentioned a few times before, all of the moves can be modified, so, this isn't the type of workout that is unrealistic for beginners.  The other day I decided to throw in the Plyo Fix and boy was there some serious calorie burn!!21 Day Fix Plyo Fix
So, now that I have outlined a typical day of the 21 Day Fix, what do you think?  Does it sound like something you could do?  Are you ready to make a positive, healthy, lifestyle change that will leave you feeling confident and looking GREAT?!!?!  There is no better time than now!  My next Fix Up For Fall 21 Day Fix Accountability Group begins on Monday, October 13, 2014!  I am fully committed to helping a select group of people get the results they have only dreamed of!  My groups run through a closed online Facebook group where there is more motivation than you can imagine!! 

If you are interested in joining, please fill out and submit the application below and I will be in touch! 

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