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Happy Monday!  Can you believe it is almost mid November already?!  Where in the world are the days going?  Does anyone else feel that way?!  With Halloween far behind us, Christmas is right around the corner.  Yes, I said Christmas!  I feel like everyone forgets about Thanksgiving!  I did a little shopping this morning and noticed that all of the Christmas decorations are in full force at the mall already!  It seems a little early to me but I have to say, I am slowly getting in to the spirit.  I've even thought about when I am going to put up our own Christmas decorations!  
Healthy Holiday Challenge
Healthy Holiday Challenge
So, I have to say it.  Something that tends to be put on the back burner this time of year is......OURSELVES!  Why? Simple.  We are so busy worrying about our family schedules, holiday get together's, school activities, etc that we don't really worry about taking care of ourselves.  I am going to do everything that I can to NOT let that happen this year!  I have to say, this time last year I was going in to the holidays a little nervous.  It was going to be my first attempt at really being conscious about what I was eating.  In the past, I had the mindset that I would just indulge in the holiday temptations and then worrying about losing weight and getting healthy for my New Year's Resolution.  Does that sound familiar at all?  I have to say, I did pretty well last year and as a result, I am putting even more effort in to not only being better this year, but helping others do the same!  

Healthy Holiday Challenge
Healthy Holiday Challenge
On Monday, December 1, 2014, I am kicking off an exclusive 30 Day Healthy Holiday Challenge!

 I am going to provide you with 30 days full of tips, recipes, meal plans, motivation, support, and accountability to help you stay on track throughout what I believe is one of the most tempting months of the year, December!  I'll even throw in an extra day, making it 31 days, to officially get us to the end of the year.  

So you may be thinking, what exactly does it involve?

This Healthy Holiday Challenge group is going to run similar to my other groups in that the first week we are going to focus on planning and prep.  Throughout the planning and prep week we write our goals, take measurements, and I begin teaching about the meal planning process.  After everyone is planned and prepped, we kick off Day 1 of our workouts and meal plan.  The accountability piece comes in to play during check-ins with the group, as well as 1:1 support.  The group continues throughout the rest of the month with the support to help you stay on track to reaching your goals.  

Now your thought might be: Why Now?
Healthy Holiday Challenge, 3 Day Refresh
Healthy Holiday Challenge

If you are anything like I used to be, you may be thinking this is the WORST time of year to try and lose weight!  But guess what?! It doesn't have to be about losing weight!  Wouldn't it be nice to have some accountability, motivation, and support so that you DON'T put on those extra pounds?  Wouldn't it be nice to learn about healthy eating and trying out some new healthy recipes so that you have a little more room to indulge in a sweet treat here and there?  This group is all about accountability.  It's not about depriving or torturing yourself to stay away from ALL of those holiday treats. It's about learning how to over come that willpower and pick and choose what you want to splurge on!  The best part is, if you stick with the plan, you will also lose some weight and look great in that new holiday outfit ;)

Of course, you have to be wondering what the requirements are, right?!

To get in to this exclusive group, you do need to commit to a Beachbody Challenge Pack.  A Challenge Pack includes:
Healthy Holiday Challenge, 3 Day Refresh, Shakeology
Healthy Treat

Healthy Holiday Challenge, 3 Day Refresh, Beachbody Challenge Pack
Complete Health and Fitness Support

 Here is what my personal plan is....

Healthy Holiday Challenge, 3 Day Refresh
3 Day Refresh
I am going to begin December 1st with a  3 Day Refresh.  The 3 Day Refresh is a 3 day program for anyone who wants a fast, clean break - to drop a few pounds in a hurry and/or break some bad habits.  The last time I did a 3 Day Refresh I lost 5.5lbs and felt great!  In my opinion, the 3 Day Refresh at this time of year is going to be great to get into a mindset of staying healthy, controlling that willpower, and breaking those habits (like eating a handful of snacks "here and there").  No, the 3 Day Refresh is not required for this group; however, there is a BRAND NEW Challenge Pack that was released this month called the PiYO Kickstart. Not only does it include a month supply of Shakeology, PiYO,  and the other challenge pack benefits noted above, but it also includes a 3 Day Refresh  kit!!  What better time to do this than the Monday after Thanksgiving, am I right??!!!  Again, you can choose whatever fitness program/ challenge pack you'd like in order to be in the group; however, the PiYO challenge pack (Shakeology & PiYO) as well as the PiYO Kickstart challenge pack (Shakeology & PiYO & 3 Day Refresh) are BOTH on promotion this month!  They are both incredible deals too!

Healthy Holiday Challenge, 3 Day Refresh
Let's Do This!

So, what do you say?  Are you in?!  Why wait until the New Year to make that dreaded resolution.  Start now so that you can figure out a new resolution to bettering yourself!! I have officially opened up 15 spots for this group TODAY!  This group is for my specific customers (so Yes, I  need to be your coach) as well as my personally sponsored coaches and their customers.  This is going to be a team effort to staying healthy over the holidays so only people who are committed to giving this a try will be accepted! 
To sign up for a FREE account so that I am your coach, CLICK HERE! 

Fill out and submit the form below to be considered for the group!!

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