Pay it Forward Initiative - 5 Day Sneak Peek in to what a Beachbody Coach does!

Prioritizing Your Time
It was around this time 2 years ago that I started really considering looking in to what being a "Beachbody Coach" was. Although I had a friend who was super successful in the business, I did my own research. Of course, I found pros and cons. I didn't jump on board right away, in fact, I kind of "sat on the decision" for 3 months before I took the leap of faith. And even at that, I didn't begin actively coaching when I signed up. I started with seeing what these "challenge groups" were all about. It didn't take long for me to fall in love with not only the products, but with the idea of running these online groups from the comfort of home. For those who know me, I was NOT a risk taker. I am not even someone who stepped out of my comfort zone that much in the past. Nope, I never made any sort of goals either. So, I know some people were shocked to see that I decided to move my life in to another direction just like that. But, I had this gut feeling that I could make it work. I'm sure it's no surprise to hear that I have zero regrets with my decision!

Trust me when I say that one of my FIRST objections to signing up as a Coach was the fact that I didn't have any time to spare in my already packed schedule.  I have two toddlers, at the time I was working as a full time elementary teacher, and my time in general was very limited!  But you see, I had misconceptions about what exactly was involved with being a Coach, just like everyone else!  

I had no idea that there were different routes of Coaching that you can take.  I had no idea that I would be working with a TEAM of coaches who are there 24/7 to support, encourage, motivate, and guide you while building your business.  I was clueless to the fact that I would be on the #1 team in the ENTIRE company! I had the misconception that I was going to have to make some sort of monthly quota and deal with keeping a home inventory.

Different routes you can take as a Beachbody Coach

I was shocked that it truly is a no strings attached, cancel when you want, type of thing. I didn't want to hound my friends and family to buy something and had no idea about the theory of 'sharing' vs 'selling.' I didn't realize that I would build strong friendships with people that I never even met face to face (other than video chats!) I was certainly never a risk taker and would never have guessed that I could build a business from home on my own terms, putting as much or as little effort as I want each day. 

So, why am I telling you all of this?  Because NOW, I am paying it forward.  I am looking to mentor 5 new coaches in my April Pay it Forward apprenticeship group.  I want to individually help these 5 people with not only their health/fitness goals, but also their financial goals!  BUT, you may be skeptical too! So, before that group begins, I am running a 5 day sneak peek group in to what Beachbody Coaching is all about! It begins on Monday, March 23rd and COSTS NOTHING!

5 Day Sneak Peek into what a Beachbody Coach is
There are NO strings attached. You do not have to sign up or purchase anything! All you need to do is simply JOIN THE GROUP and spend about 5-10 minutes each day checking in with the daily post and answering any questions that you have. This group is for anyone who DOES NOT already have or is not already working with a Coach. I have officially created the group and am opening up spots NOW! I am capping the group at 20 people. 

So, what do you say?! Are you in?

Don't count yourself out. Be open to the possibilities!

You never know unless you try!

If YOU have that "gut" feeling and are curious as to what exactly is involved with Beachbody Coaching, then why not see for yourself if it would be a good fit for you?  I will touch on the logistics of the business as well as the different paths you can take as a coach. All coaches are NOT the same! There are different paths you can take.
The group will run through a closed Facebook group, so, only the members of the group can see what is being posted. To join the group, click HERE

Don't have Facebook?  No worries!  Fill out and submit the form below and I will email you each morning next week with the same information that I am posting in the group!

 I know that when I was pondering over my decision almost 2 year ago, it would have been nice to be in a non-committal group so that I could hear the basics!  

5 Day Sneak Peek Coaching Group - No strings attached!

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