Top 10 Holiday Gifts for your Fit Friends and Family!

Who out there has some friends and/or family who are in to fitness?  Maybe they are in the middle of a healthy transformation, maybe they are in the maintaining stage, or maybe they are at the beginning stages!  We all know that a popular New Year's Resolution that TONS of people make is to get healthy and lose weight.  Do you have a friend or family member who already made the proclamation to do just that?  I've actually been approached by multiple people in the past few weeks on ideas for their friends, spouses, and other family members who are either in to health and fitness, or would like to make a change.  So, I've compiled a list (in random order) of must haves for anyone who is looking for just that!

1. Let's start with the obvious....NEW SHOES!

Seriously, who DOESN'T love a new pair of shoes?  Especially if you are buying for a female!  Investing in a good pair of shoes can prevent serous injury. Unless your recipient is a runner, I prefer cross trainers. How cute are these Nike Free 5.0 shoes?!!

2. Motivational Tanks

Lots of stores carry these super cute motivational tanks to work out in.  I usually find mine at Target, TJMaxx, and Kohls.  I know Dick's Sporting Goods and Old Navy sometimes have them too. You can also find them online!

3. Jawbone UP24 or Fitbit

I had the pleasure of earning my Jawbone over the summer and I love it!  As for the FitBit, I know people who love those as well; however, I do not have one so I can't speak from personal experience.  The Jawbone UP24 can track your steps, exercise, overall calories burned,  hours slept, and even the quality of sleep.  In addition, you can track your food, drink, calories, nutrients, and even use the UP App Food Score to know if you are eating right.   There is also a cool Smart Alarm as well as Alerts that cause a gentle vibration at the wrist, particularly when you've been sitting too long.  This would make for a great stocking stuff!

4. Workout Clothes

Like shoes, cute new workout clothes are a must have!  You really can't go wrong with things like tanks, shorts, and yoga pants.  You can buy workout clothes pretty much anywhere.  Stores like Target and TjMaxx have some get workout clothes at great prices.  If you are looking to get something a little more high end, is a fantastic website!

5. Headbands

If you need something small and inexpensive, then headbands are a good choice.  I prefer the Nike and Under Armor sets.  I usually like the thicker ones because they seem to hold my hair back a little better :)

6. Workout Mats

When I first started with home fitness, I always went to the same spot in the basement to workout.  The carpet was fairly new at the time and within 30 days there was a big worn patch!  So, I invested in a pack of  Gold's Gym mats. It is actually called the 6-Piece Puzzle Mat.  Six pieces was enough for me but if you need a bigger space then two packs may be needed.  Once 6 piece set was only $20 at Walmart and they hold up great!

7. Clean Eating Books

Ok so if you have a friend or family member who is really in to nutrition and eating healthy, then you can't go wrong with a clean eating book. There are TON'S out there.  My personal favorites are the books by author Tosca Reno.  She does a great job at explaining clean eating and her recipes are fantastic!

8. Fitness Program

Of course I'm going to have fitness programs on my list!  I love that I can control when I want to work out without having to leave the house or pay for child care.  In addition, doing workouts that are 30 minutes or less is a bonus too!  Some of the programs that I highly recommend are the 21 Day Fix, PiYo, P90X3, T25, and of course, Beachbody's newest program, Insanity Max 30!  If you are wanting to look in to a fitness program for a friend or family member, contact me at and we can figure out what the best choice would be.

9. Shakeology

Lots of people think that Shakeology is just an expensive protein shake when in fact, it's not!  It is a nutritionally dense wellness shake that contains your daily dose of nutrients. It has the proper carb to protein ratio to keep you feeling fuller, longer.  As a result, Shakeology can be used as a complete meal replacement that provides you with energy, curbs your cravings, helps with weight loss, and more!  You get 30 meals out of one supply and on top of all of that, it's all natural!  You don't have to worry about artificial sweeteners that lots of other shakes have.  There are regular flavors, Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla, and Greenberry; as well as Vegan flavors (dairy free and does not contain whey protein), Chocolate Vegan, and Tropical Strawberry.

10.  If you really want to impress your friend or family member, you can get something that's called a Beachbody Challenge Pack.   A Challenge Pack is a month supply of Shakeology, a fitness program of choice, discounted shipping, and all sorts of other goodies!  You actually get this at a discounted price when you purchase Shakeology and a fitness program together! Plus, results can be entered for a chance to win $500+!  The December promotion just so happens to be Shaun T's newest released program, Insanity Max 30.

So, there you have it!  That is my Top 10 List, in random order, of what you can get your fit friends and family members this holiday season!  If you have any questions regarding products or even joining an online accountability group, please don't hesitate to email me at !

I wish you a safe, healthy, and happy holiday season and hope that you get the gift of health and fitness for your loved ones!

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