T25 and 21 Day Fix Week 1

Focus T25, Health and Fitness Accountability Groups
Focus T25
Good Sunday Afternoon! It is a beautiful Fall morning and I thought I'd write a quick blog post outlining my first week of following the 21 Day Fix plan while doing the T25 workouts.  When I completed PiYO I thought it would be a good change to go back to some traditional cardio; however, short workouts are a MUST!  For me, life is just too busy for long workouts!  I'm sure you are with me on that, right?!  Both of my girls have started preschool a few mornings a week, my oldest daughter started dance class and the crazy schedule has set in! So, I decided that I would go back to Focus T25 for several reasons.

1. 25 Minute workouts?  Heck yeah!!
2. It is a 60 day program.  I can do this for two months!
3. It mixes traditional cardio as well as resistance training. It even comes with a resistance band!
4. Did I mention ALL of the workouts are only 25 minutes?!
5. There are a variety of workouts so I won't get bored.
6. There is a modifier in every workout and there are definitely times that I need her!
7.  Who DOESN'T love working out with Shaun T?!

Focus T25, Health and Fitness Accountability Groups, 21 Day Fix
Let's Do This! 

The last time I did a round of T25 was last November/December.  It was around the holidays (obviously) and while I did get great results, they could have been better.  So, with nothing really in the way that would derail my progress, this is the PERFECT time for me to begin! I'm already one week down!

21 Day Fix, Health and Fitness Accountability Groups
21 Day Fix Containers
As usual, I am sticking with my 21 Day Fix meal planning.  I seriously can't get enough of this!  It is totally true that this program teaches you how to live a healthy life. It is not a quick fix diet.  After doing a few strict rounds, I am to the point where I don't have to actually use the containers too much.  I do keep them out on my counter and I do pull them out to measure things here and there; but, for the most part, I can "eyeball" my portion sizes.  This is a lifestyle change at its best!

For those of you who have done, are doing, or have read a lot about the 21 Day Fix,  you may be wondering if I am strictly following the 21 Day fix Eating Plan.  The answer is, yes, for the most part.  Do I have an extra treat here and there?  Yes.  Do I sometimes make some recipes that involves ingredients that are not in the 21 Day fix book?  Yes.  Do I eat Quest bars every now and then?  Yes.  Do I make sure I get all (or most) of my containers in on a daily basis?  Yes!  You have to do what works for YOU.  And for me, this is it!
So, here was my first meal plan that I followed for Week 1 of Focus T25 and the 21 Day Fix:
Focus T25, Health and Fitness Accountability Groups, 21 Day Fix Meal Plan
21 Day Fix Meal Plan
Shakeology, Shakeology Recipes, Strawberry Watermelon Shakeology
Strawberry Watermelon Shakeology 
 I didn't actually try any new snack/dinners this week; however, I did try out some different "treat" recipes!  Oh, and a new Shakeology recipe!  I realized that since chocolate Shakeology is the main flavor that I drink every single day, I don't really offer a variety of recipes for the different flavors.  So, I had some extra strawberry Shakeology from the other month and had some watermelon cut up in the fridge so I thought....why  not?!  I remember passing along this recipe to a challenger of mine and her saying how much she loved it, so, I gave it a try and it was hit with not only me, but my 2 year old as well!  It is called Strawberry-Watermelon Shakeology and is simple to make.

Cinnamon Banana Bread Cookies
Cinnamon Banana Bread Cookies
In addition to the strawberry watermelon Shakeology recipe, I tried out a couple of "treat" recipes.  The first was Cinnamon Banana Bread Cookies.  These were super good and were delicious when heated up a bit!  If you like banana bread then you would definitely like these!

Baked Apple Crisp
Baked Apple Crisp
The other recipe I tried was just last night and boy was it a hit!  After dinner I threw together some homemade Baked Apple Crisp.  It seriously took about 5-10 minutes to prep and it baked for about 25-30 minutes.  We all tried it right out of the over and it was mouth watering delicious!  I have to admit, although it was fantastic by itself, my husband and I did add a small scoop of vanilla ice cream on top to make it in to a dessert cheat treat :)  This is seriously a MUST TRY!

Ok let's talk T25! 

T25 Workouts
T25 Week 1

The workouts that I did for Week 1 are as follows:
Monday: Cardio
Tuesday: Speed 1.0
Wednesday: Total Body Circuit
Thursday: Ab Intervals
Friday: Lower Focus
Saturday: Cardio
Sunday: Rest

I was a bit nervous about going from low impact / high intensity PiYO to high impact / high intensity Focus T25.   I spent the summer doing such a different type of cardio that I got out of the habit of traditional cardio.  I have to admit, Week 1 was a bit tough, but, by the end of the week I was feeling great!  I could actually tell a difference in my strength and flexibility with several of the moves, which I am crediting PiYO for. 

T25 Workouts, T25
No More Excuses

Overall, I am feeling strong going in to Week 2 of T25.  I am committed to completing this program and can't wait to see my results!  

So, I have to ask, how often do you think to yourself, I wish I had the time to devote to myself? How often do you think that you just don't have the time to plan out your  meals and truly live "healthy?"  

That's where I come in to the picture!  I felt the SAME way.  With two toddlers and working full time when I first started, I never thought I would be able to commit to having "me" time every single day.  I  mean, I'm lucky to be able to take a shower without being interrupted by my little ones!  I can proudly say that I have figured it out, for now at least!  I have been able to prioritize my day so that I am not only available to my kids, but I also have time to myself.  I'm telling you, it CAN be done if YOU WANT it to be done.  

I would love to include you in my next online Health and Fitness Accountability Group!  My groups range from  21 Day Fix Up for Fall groups to 30 day Fall in to Fitness groups, both of which are beginning in early October.  Let me help you figure out a way to to incorporate healthy living in to your lifestyle.  Within my groups I provide customizable meal plans, 1:1:, and group support .  Sometimes all it takes are small tweaks to see those results! 

Fill out the form below for more information and/or to reserve your spot in my next group! 

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